Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The 9th Beer of Christmas that found its way to me … Cisco Brewers Winter Shredder

Cisco Brewers, Nantucket, Mass.
Winter Shredder
6% ABV
“Brewed with all natural spices”

Well I hate to be the Debbie Downer at the Christmas party but I am not going to lie – this beer is not good.

Ugh, I feel like I am talking trash about a friend! Cisco, I love your Whale Tale Ale, Grey Lady, Pumple Drumkin and Lager of Summer, what happened here?! I believe this is the first year they have done this winter seasonal. I tried to do some research on this brew and it’s nonexistent on the World Wide Web - It is not even listed on the Cisco website beer list. (hmmm?)

SO allow me to be the first to break it down for you.

It pours slightly cloudy and dark red, with little to no head. The beer itself smells amazing with pepper, vanilla, liquorice and cherry undertones. I also get a little smokiness from the malts. So far I am excited.

When, what to my wondering taste buds should fear … this beer is gross.

The only way that it can be described is burnt popcorn.

Sip after sip I felt like I was eating handfuls of burnt popcorn and that’s a flavor that ruins your mouth. You should know that I am not afraid of bitter flavors. I drink dark roast coffee and love a good espresso but this is just over the top with hops.

This beer is so difficult to drink that I got through half a pint and dumped the rest down the drain.

The only thing that I need to figure out now is how to “shred” the five remaining bottles in my fridge, because I would certainly not push this on my friends.

Cisco, I have put you on the naughty list. Grade: F
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