Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Your Guide to the Fourth!

As we turn our calendars to July, and make plans as we sit on the eve of the 4th... the All-American holiday for lawnmower or specialty beers, cookouts, sports, and fireworks. But before I get into my guide to help you pick out something special for the All-American Holiday, I want to get into something that got me thinking this morning.


While I dig deeper and deeper into the world that is craft beer... I have to admire the level of respect that people have for one another. For example... last year, I tried a few sour beers and was NOT a fan at all. What's my first instinct? To say, "This beer is gross!! Yuck! Who would EVER like this??" No... I just said, "Umm, yeah... I don't think this beer is for me." But, I'll admit, I think my tastes are changing a bit. Just two weeks ago I sat on the patio of the Willimantic Brewing Company, and enjoy a Dogfish Festina Peche. Last summer, I wanted NOTHING to do with this tart/sour beer. And I like a lot of DFH stuff... but this time around - it was real refreshing. I had friends that hated craft beer... now they can't get enough. Some of them are even telling ME about new Double IPAs on tap or new Bourbon-Barrel Aged offerings. Bottomline... keep an open mind. You might not like something at first... but you never know how your opinions might change!

Ok... the reason you clicked on the link. My good buddy, Matt asked me the other day about some beers for the 4th of July. So as you count down that final hour at work... or for all of my teacher friends that are already on vacation... here's my little guide to some beers that could make you impress your friends/family. Just tell'em Beer411 sent ya (in no particular order):

1. Cisco Bay Whale Tail Pale Ale

2. Six Point Apollo or Righteous

3. New England Brewery Elm City

4. Dogfish Tweason Ale or Festina Peche

5. Hooker Watermelon

6. Blue Point Blueberry

7. Narragansett Summer Ale

8. Pyramid Apricot Ale

9. Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp or Clementine

10. Baxter Celsius **Only found in ME**

So respect your fellow Americans and raise a cold one on the 4th to this beautiful country. And a special thanks to those that fight for our freedom day in and day out. Cheers!