Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome to the 'MAINE' Event!!

Allagash Curieux
Brewery: Allagash (Portland, ME)
Style: Belgian-style Tripel
ABV: 11.0%

If you ever find yourself driving up North on I-95 to the state of Maine, you'll notice a unique tagline on the Welcome sign that reads, "Maine... the way life should be." Clearly, the peeps over at Allagash made this their mantra when they created the deliciousness that is Curieux. You have all different types of beer in this world... and ultimately, what are we searching for? For a beer that puts a smile on your face. A little boozy, full of flavor, maybe a little bitter, or sweet, or hoppy... whatever your poison is. And this beer, well frankly... is the way BEER should be.

...and at 11% ABV, you can't have too many. So put on your big boy pants and saddle up to the bar.

My girlfriend and I were on our way to see a show at the Warner Studio Theatre in Torrington, when we realized that we made GREAT time driving from North Haven. So, to reward ourselves, we grabbed a delicious offering from the people over at BACKSTAGE.

On a side note: If any CT Beer Heads find themselves in the Northwest corner of our fine Constitution State, swing by the Backstage in Torrington. They have 20(?) rotating taps, have held (2) tap takeovers, one from Harpoon, one from Hooker, and have been bringing in some really tasty brews over the past few months. Flying Dog's Raging Bitch, Stone's Oaked Aged Arrogant Bastard, Victory Storm King, Dogfish's 90 min...

Ok, back on track here. So Michelle and I sit up at the bar and what's staring at me in the face, Allagash Curieux. This is Michelle's FAVORITE beer too... and I can't recall ever finding it on tap, EVER.

Poured in a snifter, the color was a dark orange with a good amount of fluffy white head, about 1-2 fingers worth. The nose on this beer is HUGE. To go along with the color, it had a orange/honey notes... I also got some clove and some other fruity characteristics (banana?). I'm also getting some vanilla and some toasted coconut in there as well (did I mention this had a HUGE noise to it?). In addition to all of these smells, the Curieux is also aged in Jim Beam Bourbon barrels. So I'm also getting some strong oak and booziness as well.

Things that make you go, Mmmmmmmm.

The taste is just as big as the nose. Creamy vanilla and toasted coconut right off the bat, with some fruity qualities in the middle and some oak and boozy notes on the finish. For 11.0%, this beer isn't as powerful as you might think, but don't let all these flavors hide the fact that one too many could end your night pretty quickly. The flavors are huge... I don't know if I would even pair this up with anything since it stands so strongly on its own. But if I had to pick something, perhaps this would go well with a light dessert like a creme brulee or rice pudding. Something sweet, but not too sweet... let the Curieux do the rest of the work for you.

What can I say overall... I think this is my biggest review to date. Fantastic beer, but unfortunately, extremely rare. Luckily, they JUST tapped this keg the day before so hopefully my friends and I can continue to enjoy the fruits of Allagash's labor for the next few weeks. If you're out, and you find this on tap, and you're a lover of craft beer, look no further than the Curieux.

Overall: A+

In addition to your regularly scheduled beer review... and going on the MAINE theme, I also wanted to direct any of you readers to another FANTASTIC story coming out of the state of Maine. Ok, ok... I'm bias because it IS my sister, but what the heck, a brother can be proud of his sister, can't he?

I recently discovered that my sister, Carey, who hails from Saco, ME, was just named MRS. SACO!!! But WAIT, there's MORE! AAAAAnd I recently found out that with the support of her husband, Mike... She is NOW going for the title of Mrs. Maine!! Go Care Go!!! So if you have a moment, check out her link below as she blogs her way to the Mrs. Maine Pageant...

Happy Friday everyone!!

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