Monday, June 13, 2011

Cape Ann Brewing Company Gives Beer the Spa Treatment

Have you ever gone into a spa or a new age health restaurant and had water served with cucumbers floating in it? (Boys stay with me I will get to the beer soon) Cucumber, with its earthy, refreshing crunch, improves the taste of tap water and spa aficionados use it improve the look of your skin.

Well color me happy when I was at the American Craft Beer Festival and saw that the Cape Ann Brewing Company launched a “Pick Ale,” infused with cucumber. Does this mean I can sip down a refreshing brew and fight wrinkles at the same time?

Well health benefits aside, I would drink this beer anyway. I am often weary of creative brews like these; they seem more like PR stunts than well-balanced drinkable suds, (side eye to the ‘Pickle Ale’ I also tried at the festival – blech and dump) This was refreshing and different.

The beer itself was golden in color and smelled like a garden. The taste was subtle and crisp, with a hint of salt. The cucumber flavor peaked out just enough. Appropriately named the Pick Ale, I can definitely see this enjoyed at a picnic on a hot summer day washing down some burgers and dogs.

I rate this an A –
It’s a great thing when creativity and science come together to produce a great craft beer. I am excited to head to Gloucester soon and check out the menu and see what else is on tap.

Road trip?
Cape Ann Brewing Company
11 Rogers Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

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