Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Opa-Opa Raspberry Wheat

Finally a fruity beer that doesn’t drink like a girly one!

Normally when I reach for summer beers, aside from the blueberry variety, I go straight up. I find that when you put fruit into beer the sugar level is insane. I feel my teeth fuzzing over and my cheeks puckering before I get through half a pint. Immediatley regretful about my drink selection, I start looking around to see what else is in the cooler.

The Opa-Opa Raspberry Wheat beer pours slightly blush and the nose is subtle. You can smell the fresh berries, but I am also getting wafts of the wheat and grains which is nice. This also calmed my fears about the $7 I dropped on a growler.
This is the other exciting thing: My liquor store carries growlers from a variety of local breweries so I am drinking this baby fresh from the tap.

The taste is crisp and refreshing, slightly tart – but not over the top. It’s perfect for a barbeque or on a hot day and a definite palate pleaser (for the boyz too). I am shocked for a wheat beer that it is incredibly light and drinkable. My only gripe is that all the flavor is in front, no staying power. It finishes like a Miller Lite. Hard to explain.

Still, I am grading this with an A-

I think this would be a really cool brew to bring to a gathering for your friends to try, it's something new from the standard summer varieties, and ladies I would suggest floating some frozen raspberries in the glass to wow the girls.

Let the summer drinking season begin!
Salud everyone (ANNNND go Bruins!)


lora said...

my favorite fruit beer of late is Abita's strawberry harvest. strawberry season starts a lot earlier in louisianna than here, so it's a "spring" beer, but it tastes like summer to me!

kayteestinch said...

I am now on the look out! Thanks for the heads up.