Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Beer "Raises the Bar"

I know, I know... why haven't I called... it's been months since we last spoke, and well, frankly, I don't have a good reason why I've been so distant. It's not you... it's me. Life gets in the way of posting from time to time and I certainly I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me...

I'm not going to kick this off with a big review of any kind. Yes, my cousin and I started this blog to inform all those that are thirsty all about the Wonderful World of Malty Beverages. Normally, we write reviews from things that we've tried, or look forward to trying... but I also look to this blog to help spread the word... to point out things that might catch my eye that I feel people out there would enjoy reading...

And when I came across this on good ol' Facebook, I laughed OUT loud. If I needed an excuse to call up the blog... this is it.

I've written about BrewDog before... just a bunch of guys that I would love to meet someday. I've posted some of their querky videos and talked about there drive to always push the envelope of beer. For example, their quest to make the strongest beer in the world. CHECK.... well, this is also a first...

In honor of the upcoming royal wedding... presenting BrewDog's Royal Virility Performance... as they put it, Celebrating the Royal Wedding 'Big Willy Style'. A funny name... but what's the deal??

This 7.5% ABV IPA beverage contains:
-Horny Goat Weed
-‘a healthy dose of sarcasm’

...and Viagra. Yes... Viagra! HAHA!!! If you have moment... please read their blog below.

It feels good to be back... hope to write more soon!!



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