Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Beer in the City

Peak Organic Simcoe Spring
5.40% ABV

*DISCLAIMER: Enter the non-hop-head to weigh in on a spring beer, known for its hoppiness …

Recently I have been warming to IPAs and stronger hop brews, but they have to be balanced. I don’t like my palate to be blown after one beer or to fill me up too quickly. Basically I love beer, so I like to drink a lot of it. Beers that allow me to do that while still tasting great are a part of this quest called Beer411.

This past weekend my fellow blogger and I were in NYC together and ordered a pint of the Peak Organic Simcoe Spring on draft. We sniffed, we sipped and basically came to the same conclusion, “ehh – so what?” (Add in anything I miss below cuz)

Not much to report on the nose, a little grassy, a little citrus. Which is why I was so surprised by my first sip - I got bowled over with malts. This beer has a really crisp, sharp taste which may be due to the organic barley and hops. The flavor hits you right from the top and then … that’s it, nothing lingering or really satisfying about it. We got some cherry and vanilla peeking through but nothing standing out enough to make us order another round.

Grade C+

I say keep it moving and save your five spot for something better, or in this case we were out $7 each -- OUCH!! Just another reason Boston is better than NYC.

The good news is summer ales are creeping in, bring on the hefeweizen.

Don’t agree with us? Tell us below.

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toenee said...

I'm not getting into the whole Boston/NYC debate... but the show WAS in NYC, making it better than Boston. But this isn't a sports blog, its about the booze.

I recently had the Peak Organic Simcoe Spring Ale out of the bottle, and believe it or not... enjoyed it better than the draft we had the other night. You hit it right on the head cousin... it was just "ehh". And here I thought I didn't really like it because I just had a He'Brew Bittersweet Lenny's R.I.P.A. down the street at Spitzer's Corner ( Which will understandably turn you tastebuds 180 degrees (which I also really do enjoy!).

I'd also like to add that after the Peak Organic beer, we tried the Goose Island Honker's Ale. I normally gravitate towards Goose Island offerings but again, this was, "ehh". Reviewers on talk about caramel undertones, and a helluva lot of flavor. (Was this the same beer I had this past wkd?!).

I guess at the end of the day, perhaps The Living Room isn't the best place for a beer. Perhaps they need to get more variety or take better care of their beer lines, if that was the problem. No, CLEARLY, the talk was NOT about the suds, rather, the take home that night was about the tremendous amount of talent of the Smith Street Stage (, that portrayed a concert style performance of Jesus Christ Superstar. What an AMAZING performance. Amen, folks, amen.