Thursday, November 25, 2010

If being thankful for BEER is WRONG, I don't want to be RIGHT.


Last night I had a few Sammy Winter Lagers while watching the UConn game (2010 Maui Invitation CHAMPS!!!) and it got me thinking. Between the tasty beer I've had this week and UConn taking the title last night... I have a lot to be thankful for. AND THAT'S THIS WEEK ALONE!!!

My fellow beer connoisseur, Ian and I were watching TV the other night and decided to jump into a little impromptu Merry Christmas Happy New Year Ale from Anchor Steam. Earlier in the day I picked up the 2010 while he had the 2009 AND 2008 still left in his fridge. I have to say VERY interesting results as we tasted each year.

2008 - Emphasis on the dark fruit this year. Smells consist of figs and cloves. Medium malt mouthfeel, and nice finish.

2009 - Focus was the malts in my opinion. Lighter on the spices and smooth finish.

2010 - Heavy spice!! Huge noise. It has almost a medicine taste to it... maybe it still needs to settle and mellow out.

Overall, I LOVE this variety... but after our tasting, I'm not in a hurry to pick up another 6 pack. Slightly disappointing... but again, perhaps it just needs to mellow out a bit. But then again, if I go out and get a holiday brew, I want to drink it now! Not wait!

What are you thankful for this year...?

BIG PROPS to the people over at Sammy Adams this holiday season... whoever decided to axe the Sam Adams Light and Cranberry Lambic only to REPLACE it with the White Ale and Chocolate Bock deserves a substantial salary increase! For those that haven't partook(?) this holiday season yet... let me enlighten you of the 6 beers Sam Adams included in this year's WINTER CLASSICS:
-Boston Lager
-White Ale
-Ole Fezziwig
-Winter Lager
-Holiday Porter
-Chocolate Bock

It seriously has everything I love about Sam Adams. I could take or leave the Holiday Porter, but it bridges a nice gap btw the Winter and the Chocolate.

Other things I'm thankful/excited for... Heavy Seas has announced TWO new beer offerings. The Black IPA and the Thank You, Thank You Very Much Beer (see above). They are embarking on their 15th year as a brewery...

So from all of us (Kate and I) to all of you... HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM BEER411!!!

Let us know what YOU'RE thankful for this year!! Outside reviews are strongly encouraged!!


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