Friday, May 14, 2010

Bartender, two geese please

Goose Island Honkers Ale
Chicago, Illinois
Style: English Style Bitter
Alcohol by Volume: 4.2%

The tap is what pulled me in, a GIANT goose head looking at me. I thought to myself is Aflac making beer now? …

Brewed in Chicago, I was curious. My friend joined along in my journey tasting this new-to-me beer.

I was very happy with this ale. It was crisp, refreshing, citrusy and very drinkable. Perfect for a BBQ to switch up the normal summer ales and hefs that can make you feel full. Further research on the Goose Island website said that the Honker Ale matches perfectly with cheddar – light bulb!

My gal pal and I shared some gooey-cheesy nachos that night with these drinks and were quite content.

I was shocked when another player in our group tried it and said it tasted like fruit loops. On the sweetness scale I would say this beer scored low. It was toasty with light pale malts and a zing of tartness.

Each taste bud to his/or/her own of course, but if you are at a bar and a big goose is starring you down, I say go for it.

Two more geese please …


nothingbutlimericks said...

I sing the praises of beer,
To everyone able to hear,
Hops, barley and yeast,
Good water, not least,
To all who imbibe - good cheer!

Jake Bagadonuts said...

I did enjoy it quite a bit. A nice departure from the constant bombardment of IPAs. Im a fan of the Goose and I found the Honkers Ale wicked easy to put down!