Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Up Otter's Creek with a Delicious Summer Bottle

Otter Creek Summer
Style | ABV
American Pale Wheat Ale | 4.90% ABV

What is up with the Bros from BA not liking any of my beers lately? Bummer!
Well like we always say, drink what YOU like, and this one I like.

Otter Creek is one of those great “under the radar” breweries. They put out some great stuff and I am never afraid to order their latest pour when I see it on the draught list. They are situated in Middlebury Vermont and it’s pretty easy to get to if you are thinking of touring some New England breweries this summer or fall.

Otter Creek summer is currently on tap at Five Horses in Davis Square and I have seen it at some other good beer bars in the area. Otter Creek Summer is a yummy bready brew that pairs easy with almost everything. I’ve had it with a bunch of different menu items; mussels, salad, a cheese plate, white bean hummus, chili – and it paired nicely every time.

Pour: Golden, with a little fluffy white head – it left a little lacing on the glass

Nose: Not overwhelming but it’s grassy with a lot of oats and wheat hanging out, smells like fresh baked bread to me

Taste: It’s light-bodied and drinkable with toasted malts, wheat and a slight sweetness. It finishes with a little bite of citrus and honey at the end. Overall very palatable. The brewery describes it as “crisp and clean” and I would have to agree. It’s a safe bet.

It’s a nice change from the heavy heffs and lemonade type beers that are normally floating around. No need for a wedge of lemon in this brew.

Cheers to summer!
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toenee said...

Never had this one! I trust your judgement KayTee. Otter Creek is one I usually don't think about really either. I'll keep my eyes peeled as the season changes though!