Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Anderson Valley's Summer Solstice Out Shines other Seasonal Brews

Anderson Valley Summer Solstice
Style | ABV
Cream Ale | 5.60% ABV

This is my second time trying Anderson Valley’s offerings and I really enjoy their unique style. Would you ever think to put cream ale and summer together on one label? It sounds crazy, but man, it’s delicious and different!

I found a sixer of this beer in a can. (Is that a bear/moose on the front??) A lot of craft brewers are thinking about canning their products and I am all for it. It’s portable for beach and lake side excursions, lighter to carry and keeps the beer just as fresh. I always pour my beer into a glass anyway so it doesn’t take away from the drinking experience for me. There is also a lining inside each can that keeps the beer from touching the aluminum so don’t worry about that “metallic taste,” affecting your suds. Drop the stereotype and give craft in a can a chance!

Pour: A hazy amber color with a creamy, two finger fluffy head. A tiny ring of lacing hung out for good.

Nose: It’s sweet with toasty grains and caramel, followed by vanilla and ginger. It’s like a cream soda mixed with fresh baked brown bread. Fantastic.

Taste: Follows suit with the smell. It’s so unique. It’s a light to medium-bodied brew with a smooth velvet flavor that covers your tongue like a ginger-cream-soda. It actually reminded me of a ginger bread cookie. It’s biscuity and sweet, but balanced through the malts and just plain delicious. Despite the creaminess, it’s not overly filling and very drinkable. No bitterness to speak of.

Anyone that has ever had a Kilkenny and enjoyed it will like this beer.

Ok Anderson Valley, you have my attention. I’ll keep an eye out for some more of their craft-canned products in the future.


toenee said...

Bring some down to CT!! I've heard great things about Anderson Valley!!

Anonymous said...

sign me up for a 6er. That sounds delicious!