Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not Hooked on Thomas Hooker’s Watermelon Ale

Style | ABV
American Blonde Ale | 4.50% ABV

My personal opinion: The only time beer and watermelon should play together is when you are enjoying them separately at a picnic.

Thomas, I wanted to like your watermelon ale. You hail from the “Constitution State” and my former residence in good ole’ Connecticut, but I could not get on board with this freshman beverage.

I think this could be a great gateway beer for a first-timer trying to transition off wine coolers and Smirnoff Ices. I say this because it tasted like juice.

I have to ask, “Where’s the BEER?”

I sampled the watermelon ale on draught at Mike’s in Davis Square. Mike’s serves beer in the largest plastic cups I have ever seen. You need two hands and focus to lift these pints and the best part is, they are only $8. If you are on a budget and like to drink and sit outside – go.

I borrowed my friends drink. I was prejudice going into it and didn’t want to commit to a large beer that tastes like candy. I was happy with my decision.

The Thomas Hooker Watermelon Ale had a nice foamy head and held lace to the cup for quite some time. The color is golden and clear. Surprisingly, there was no rosy hue to speak of. The nose is straight up Jolly Rancher, holy sweetness. There was no smell of grains, hops, or malts - nothing beer related at all. Yikes.

Thankfully, the beer was not that sweet to taste, but it wasn’t good either.

I was surprised after the first sip. It’s a light, well carbonated beer and mouth feel is crisp and refreshing. I didn’t dislike it right away.

I stole a few more sips from my friend’s beer to really get a handle on the taste. I found that it’s slightly tart and the artificial watermelon flavor and sweetness hits your tongue all in the front. After that it’s watery and finishes like a bud light. By the fifth sip I had enough. I could drink this beer if I had to, but I wouldn’t be excited about it.

For me it was a flop. Grade: D

My friend however, who has a much sweeter palate than me, was overjoyed with the beer and ordered another one so, to each her own!

Has anyone had a watermelon ale they like? I would love suggestions.
Cheers everyone – Happy Tuesday!

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