Monday, April 12, 2010

An Itch that CAN be scratched

Flying Dog Old Scratch
Amber Lager, 5.5% ABV
Brewed in Frederick, MD

First off, check out the label above. I know -- we’ve had this discussion I am a sucker for marketing.

Ok, now I have to let you in on what’s written on it:
“Some itches can’t be scratched. Like your fantasy involving latex and flavored lotions. So it’s best to concentrate on the ones you can scratch. Like your itch for this Amber Lager, with a malty, mellow flavor. As for your other fantasies, you’ll probably need to find a chat room for those.” = Hilarious.

The label also boasts a quote from Hunter S. Thompson, “Good people drink good beer” -- cheers to that! You can always judge a person by the beer they drink, OR if they don’t drink beer at all.

This beer is tasty. It’s fizzy, crisp, a little sweet and very drinkable -- definitely hitting the spot on this 50 degree night. This brew is not heavy at all, but it’s warming me up enough to take the chill out of the air.
It reminds me of a Magic Hat #9 without the apricot flavors hitting the back of my tongue. says that these suds are fermented at medium temperatures to develop both ale and lager characteristics. Old Scratch is also an award-winning ale. It’s a 2008 Silver Medal Winner - World Beer Cup (American-Style Amber Lager Category) AND a 2008 Silver Medal Winner - Great American Beer Festival (Amber Lager Category)

I am also a huge fan eating around your beverage. I like to figure out what I am drinking before I decide “What’s for dinner.” I enjoyed tonight’s Old Scratch with roast beef, and did right by the suggested pairings which are; roasted meats, hearty breads, spicy food and Cajun food.

Check out more ways to eat drink and be merry at

What are some of your fav beer/dinner pairings? Do tell.

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