Tuesday, December 17, 2013

There's no single stout like it ….

Shipyard Mint Chocolate Stout
Portland, ME
9% ABV

These dice aren’t lucky ToeNee … I finally met a stout that I don’t like.
In the words of my boyfriend, “This is not a good beer.”

The Brewer Says
The Mint Chocolate Stout is a dark, silky beer with aromas of chocolate and licorice. There are notes of chocolate and coffee upfront followed by a subtle spearmint finish.

What We Say
The pour: Jet black with a light brown, one finger head

Nose: 100% doublemint gum, followed by anise and then little alcohol

The taste: effervescent for a stout, medium to full bodied mouthfeel and very dry – any chocolate that is used in this stout is so dark and bitter that it is not combating the overpowering spearmint flavor that stays on the sides and back of the tongue. This is tough to swallow. I wish I had more to say – it’s just not flavorful or balanced. I feel like I chewed chocolate and gargled with mouthwash after.

The pairing: just trying to mask the flavor on my tongue, we chased it with some ginger bread cookies we baked recently and that was actually a good choice. The ginger and the mint played nicely together and the royal icing helped to soften the dry, bitterness and sweeten the overall flavor.

A quarter into the 16 oz bomber … and dump. Seems like Mint Chocolate is best served as an ice cream, not a beer. Better luck next time Shipyard.

Sorry folks for the brevity of this post!
Calling the Stinch the Grinch? Tell me why you liked it…

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