Thursday, December 20, 2012

Heart of Darkness Brings out the Grinch in Kayteestinch

Clearly, Ghost is not impressed with Magic Hat's Heart of Darkness.
Magic Hat's Heart of Darkness
English Stout | 5.70% ABV

I’m a mean one … Kayteestinch.

I am just going to jump in - the three words I would use to describe this pint are as follows and I quote; stink, stank, stunk. (Ok, ok enough Seussisms) BUT seriously, who in whoville is drinking this and thinking it's good?

Apparently, I am alone in my thinking because a slew of folks on Beer Advocate loved it. I am a stout lover too, but our 4th beer of Xmas, the Heart of Darkness by Magic Hat, will remain in my “icebox” until I can find someone to take them off my hands.

From the label:
Our inky-black stout has a smooth, round palate with a dreamlike undercurrent of bittersweet chocolate. This dense liquid-silk summons hope from hibernation and balances winter's endless white snows with a rich swirl of creamy black rapture.

The Pour:
Heart of Darkness is an appropriate name for this brew. This stout pours jet black – no light at all is getting through this. A thin tan head dissipated into a flaky brown lace on the glass.

The Nose:
Oats and roasted malts followed by a smoky mocha aroma

The Taste:
It just tastes burnt, as if I tossed a handful of roasted malts into my mouth and chewed them – then tossed a piece of 90% cocoa chocolate in there too. Bitter, sharp and dry. Not my cup of beer at all. It has a milky finish that coats your tongue and sadly it’s unenjoyable. This is a filling pint too, heavy on the mouth-feel and low in carbonation, typical for a stout.

As a Magic Hat fan, I am sad that I couldn’t champion this brew. But I won’t let this review put me in a Grinchy mood this season. Remember, the holidays are in our grasp, so long as we have good beer to clasp (had to).


Jake Scholan said...

Trust me, you're not alone. I had one a week or so ago, to see if I still liked Magic Hat, and didn't finish it. They got me into beer, no doubt, but they are boring and more often than not, just plain not good.

But hey, that's just like, my opinion, man

kayteestinch said...

Oh thank God -- I thought my taste buds had fallen off. Alas, Magic Hat was a gateway beer for me as well and I still enjoy a #9 on a hot day. Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

Alan said...

My name is Alan Shaw. I took that photo of Magic Hat Heart of Darkness for my review at You don't have permission to use it. Could you please take it down? Thanks!

Tony Leone said...


You picture has been taken down. Just trying to spread the good name in craft beer. Sorry for any hardship our post caused you.

-Beer411 Mgmt

Alan said...

Thank you! I appreciate your quick response.