Monday, December 28, 2009

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

Brewing Company: Brooklyn

Style: Stout

ABV: 10.10%

I love me a stout in the winter, PERIOD -- Gimmie-gimmie!

I do think however, where beer is concerned, breweries like to throw around the word "chocolate" during winter season. It says to the un-aware beer drinker, will this be a sweet beer? -- Nope -- AND if you aren't a fan of stouts, your love of chocolate won't bring this one home for you either.

To me, the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout was delicious; nutty, rich, and creamy BUT it tasted more like an espresso drink than chocolate. Maybe it hinges on a mocha latte, but lets not get crazy here, this is beer we are talking about!

Note the respectable ABV on this guy -- 10.10%, you can't tell when you are drinking it. It goes down like milkshake, with a zing of hops at the end. The cuz and I split one, and for good reason.

As with most stouts you can't chill with them all night, and it could have been the huge xmas meal I ate before, but I was mighty full after sipping on this creamy delite.

Final Grade - B+

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Let me know what your favs are -- Happy Tasting!

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